Red pill or blue pill

Women have two paths in life…wifedom or whoredom. There is no inbetween.

Wifedom involves/focuses on responsible intent, all for the sake of posterity.

Whoredom focuses solely on selfish pleasure, ruining the majesty they were born with… the womb of man.

Whoredom, biologically speaking, the only real value a woman brings to a man is her womb. If a woman is careless with the only real value she brings to a man and fucks for her narcississtic pleasure… that’s what whoredom is.

Marriage is, currently, a lifelong contract. Marriage should be a contract a couple must sign in agreement to raise kids for 18 years +gestation. Marriage has nothing to do with love… parenthood should be seen as a job, you sign a contract for 18 years +gestation with every sexual encounter you engage in. Marriage is for kids, not love.

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