Friend zone and sex zone

Friend Zone, for women, is equated with the men’s Sex Only Zone.

You women made yourselves trash, it’s your own fault. Women, for decades, have chosen to embrace and champion whoredom.

As a child, young teenager, young man I wanted to have kids, felt a strong desire to have kids… as an undesirable male to women, I grew out of such. Now, I’m not saying that I don’t want kids, there is no possibility with western woman, and I am not in the place to leave, just yet. Western women are mostly all whores with zero pair bonding abilities.

Get mad all you want. If you’ve ever had a hot girl summer, attended college, have fuck trophies, have a head count higher than the number of times you’ve been married…. I’m not interested.

I am not the only one, like you ladies said “We don’t need no men!”

On behalf of all men “Okay”.

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