Paradigm apparent

Boys are being raised as defective women, girls are being raised as defective men. Hypothetical: Woman dates/fucks the bad boys, bad boys treat them like they're just a cock holster... to the bad boys, that is all they are... woman then dates a regular guy, projecting all the bad qualities woman received from the bad … Continue reading Paradigm apparent

Red pill or blue pill

Women have two paths in life...wifedom or whoredom. There is no inbetween. Wifedom involves/focuses on responsible intent, all for the sake of posterity. Whoredom focuses solely on selfish pleasure, ruining the majesty they were born with... the womb of man. Whoredom, biologically speaking, the only real value a woman brings to a man is her … Continue reading Red pill or blue pill

Friend zone and sex zone

Friend Zone, for women, is equated with the men's Sex Only Zone. You women made yourselves trash, it's your own fault. Women, for decades, have chosen to embrace and champion whoredom. As a child, young teenager, young man I wanted to have kids, felt a strong desire to have kids… as an undesirable male to … Continue reading Friend zone and sex zone