My World (prime directive)

Inside the bells are ringing, singing truth, indecipherable by most. The few, the bright lights with the creative insight, wallow in languid ups and downs, a cyclical chaos to the nth degree. Life, it happens in the weirdest ways.  I don’t play games, I could but I refuse and have no want or need for … Continue reading My World (prime directive)

There’s a reason I post what I do

All good/real/actual men in the west want just two things... a supportive wife and a loving mother for his children. The guy you're looking for does not exist. I can say that confidently because women create some amalgamation, of their perfect guy, with the sexual experience/DNA of every guy she's had sex with. It is, … Continue reading There’s a reason I post what I do

A tale of two writers

Wow, thinking about my poetry over the past 27 years… I can see I write from two different viewpoints… two different people…my twin flame. I wrote and get on poetry kicks, that is what drew the following recognitions from thought, either by emotion or by spirit. Poetry is art, true art is spirit guided. Not … Continue reading A tale of two writers

Worth the squeeze?

.00076283% chance per girl, that the average guy sees his love, they marry, happily bullwhatthefuckever (stats from The Book of Numbers by Aaron Clarey). I get the whole increase your numbers thing... you see, that's a key point. Women took advice meant for men, adopted it as "girl power" and fucked up society, with the … Continue reading Worth the squeeze?

Man vs mankind

For time immemorial, we (Man), have equated ourselves as mankind. Genetics of Man are the key to Source. I am being careful with the language, because words read are spells in fourth dimension, whereas those spoken are spells in third dimension. I will not describe my species as mankind or human, we are Man. Words … Continue reading Man vs mankind

Snapshot in time:

Nearing Ky's 22 birthday is very interesting. I was going through past posts and came upon this three year old snapshot of Ky's journey: Kyle, nineteen years later It is frustratingly hilarious....being an honest guy in this world of makeup, lies, and other deceptions. He can't win for losing, he cannot help but freely open … Continue reading Snapshot in time:

Women and ROI

Women used to be a prize sought after by males... back before men gave up their masculinity, when women were wives, rather than hypergamous whores. Its a direct road to hell, these past 60 years. Seeing things from a shallow overview, damn! We're fucked. In all honesty... the past few, the current, and the next … Continue reading Women and ROI

Net taxpayers

The dynamics are shifting wildly fast. Eye blindingly fast, compared to how feminism began the current downfall. The blanket vote in 1920 was, actually, the initial death knell for the current, failed paradigm. Net tax payers are what citizens should be. Citizens alone, not every soul just for having lived for a certain amount of … Continue reading Net taxpayers

Galactic doings

Confidence in a galactic plan is freeing... bigger than monotheism, it is essential for ascension. Seeing influences like rocks in a rushing river, creating rippling currents, growing to waves of rushing belief, or bullshit. So... life is now, there is no past, there is no future and the rest you make up in your head. … Continue reading Galactic doings

Well okay then

Traditionalism... its a one sided affair these days and men are saying these days are over. For decades, women have thrived in their debaucherous bullshit with little say from men... because, "OMG, the patriarchy!" Men were shamed into accepting the society demolishing bullshit of female promescuity. Much like a ten year old kid being let … Continue reading Well okay then

What the feminist psyop failed to tell women

Chivalry and feminity are codependent. Unless you whores and wives raise your daughters in a feminine manner, guys want fuck all to do with you... or rather only fucking you. Men are simple and we do not want to wife up whores. It seems harsh, yup, it is. Fuck your equality argument. Men and women … Continue reading What the feminist psyop failed to tell women

On the shifting landscape

Please know two things: 1) This will be done when it is done. Very simply that means that when the job is completed and only then…not a moment sooner. 2) people are putting out their dates and times etc. Those are their guesses and opinions….only ten people know the when and where and they aren’t … Continue reading On the shifting landscape

A new earth, a new you

Went through every one of my profile photos on Facebook, on Facebook...finding I see myself as a stranger, as if I am not this person on earth anymore, but something... more. My spirit has awoken and the old me is nearly full shed. Mourn the loss, I won't, embrace the love. Ever forward. After spending … Continue reading A new earth, a new you

Red pill or blue pill

Women have two paths in life...wifedom or whoredom. There is no inbetween. Wifedom involves/focuses on responsible intent, all for the sake of posterity. Whoredom focuses solely on selfish pleasure, ruining the majesty they were born with... the womb of man. Whoredom, biologically speaking, the only real value a woman brings to a man is her … Continue reading Red pill or blue pill

Friend zone and sex zone

Friend Zone, for women, is equated with the men's Sex Only Zone. You women made yourselves trash, it's your own fault. Women, for decades, have chosen to embrace and champion whoredom. As a child, young teenager, young man I wanted to have kids, felt a strong desire to have kids… as an undesirable male to … Continue reading Friend zone and sex zone

It’s just a zig zag road sign

My best friend still ribs me about getting blazed, some ten years ago, and seeing an S-curve thrugh time... I now see, that was just me seeing, literally, half of the picture. sinusoidal waves cut in half are S-curves. As physical energy is typically seen in sinusoidal waves, S-curves make up the whole damn physical … Continue reading It’s just a zig zag road sign

Wear the heather-blue bonnet dear

11.8 is a catalyst, a president is allowed to serve 2.5 terms, constiutionally, if one half of one term is occupied by an incumbent. That's the rule of law for US Inc. Yeah, yeah… the winners from Election Day don’t take effect ’til ‘23, but Election Day is the obituary. It is all a movie. … Continue reading Wear the heather-blue bonnet dear

WW1 to Trump: Episode 1

Current happenings are the public continuation of the universal conflict, that has near culminated to the nirvana we're about to experience. This public play began in 1914 with the assassination if FDF by GP. This led to WW1, which led to the Balfour Declaration; German poverty, blah blah blah, history bullshit. Bad things happened. Hitler, … Continue reading WW1 to Trump: Episode 1

Projected Outcome: cats

20’s girls: “Men ain’t shit!” “We don’t need no men, we’re boss bitches!” 30+ women: “Where are all the good men?!?” Good men listened, your projection worked beautifully. You guys (women that behave this way…c’mon now, no sense lying about it) can kick rocks. Your projection was “men ain’t shit”, all we hear is “We … Continue reading Projected Outcome: cats