simple thoughts

Constantly wondering if people around you knew how crazy you were, they’d never talk to you again.  Capable entities of a reality skewed, thus becometh modern humanity.

Then what?

I’m a straight white male. Don’t come at me. That doesn’t mean you know my story.

Take it back. Had world by the tail, privilege by the male. White opportunity seen from out, nothin but a tall tale.

Read the books, worked the bod. Put in the work, was reaping the clout. 42 days past 17, livin the dream.

World torn apart in the beat of a heart. OH SHIT!

Living to dead, broke open head. Ran off the road, alone in a car, by a thirsty redneck.

Everyone’s got a struggle that most can’t see, cos they’re livin in a bubble that’s “all about me”.

Woke up in ICU, I just couldn’t move, no matter what I would do. Locked in, strapped without straps, down to bed.

Started again. Would’ve been better off dead. instinctually examined my life, looked ahead, and made the choice to never give up instead.

Hoed the road, broken body and life, friends gone for undue strife. Many times, death contemplated, walking edge of a knife

I’m no different than you, you’re no different than me. Thank fuck for an amazing family!

Shit flies and it stuck against the wall of my past. Bad times don’t last, I cleaned off the wall and moved ahead.

“Why don’t ya just be quiet and wallow in self-pity?” Nahhh, can’t y’all see, that just ain’t in me.

Fake and unreal, always lookin to shape what others feel… inauthentic bitchin that just don’t touch.

20 years taken to find my wave, I’ve always had a lot to say. Poems and shorts, always meaning to say inspirational shit to show others the way.

I’ve found my lane, movin my ways. I am.

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