Klpprsn: me without the vowels When you realize that not a one Gives a single fuck It frees you, to cry To get over the shit, the nostalgic Reverence plays a part Fucking fuck, it sucks No one to talk to No one to kiss No one to fuck WordPress Alone I can talk Fuck … Continue reading #438


Abandon Noticing not anything one does Realized not one actually gives a shit When one is the genesis of all Fun had, karaoke night Realized realizations are lost Among socially constructed constructs Tossed on heap of heels Positivity paramount in everything Done with abandon


Kendaled Strife Betrayed hisself, potential her Mind rushed judgement through fortnight Carrying on wayward ways Reality recognizes too late to matter What the serious fuck?!? Rebuilding stronger only option left Afore attracted, authentic Known chemical madness beware Fucking fucking FUCK! Obviously, frustration abounds Kinky love lights way for Facepalm moment of future laughs