Abandon Noticing not anything one does Realized not one actually gives a shit When one is the genesis of all Fun had, karaoke night Realized realizations are lost Among socially constructed constructs Tossed on heap of heels Positivity paramount in everything Done with abandon


Unchanged It doesn't matter Valuable times given to bad Nice ones next Lastly, different asshole, no Not worth the chance What would others think? Hot dog hallway Not even onsidered Nor ever wanted Amazing lover Untapped resource Life happens or it never does.


Brain Injured Fuck A ghost of himself walking, able to touch, to smell, to see, to experience life, sensually. This cheapens the life, teases the mind.¬† If only a little more or perhaps¬† a bit less...no questions asked, no assumptions made. A lukewarm hell, a glimpse of life, an experience cheapened by the vicarious means … Continue reading #25