Field Day

Individual experience, each a fusion reaction, humanity’s star

Compounded in a conscious mess, messiness devoured on awareness’ arrival 

Violent crossover, the unconscious result 

A sapien quagmire, ego cess pool, unthought known cannot be known to those plugged in

Cities flourish en masse, though upper stories are shuttered, closed to outside influence 

Wake them! Shake them! Break them from their reverie! 

Half staff flag speaks to paradigm’s end

Rich men, poor, wailing and gnashing their teeth. A hunger that shan’t be sated

By a world no longer complicit to the burgeoning suck, the place of a present stuck

Within itself, disconnected from source, a solitary hell. The joy of progress?!?

Regression leads progression when found walking a plank over genetically modified abyss

DNA swimming, dangerous affairs and unknown creations. Sideways effects affecting the entire race

Race to the bottom, race to the top…a racially conscious decision 

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