My friend, loved two decades hence, ne’er reciprocal time. Friend zoned by free love..no hope..no hope…

Ne’er the one, ne’er a one, ne’er more than friendship game shown, a hug, a drunk nipple suck

Inebriated intimacy, all known for ten years since, one time, the first time…coerced love

Loved but unloved lover, that dearth of experience at adolescent birth…shoved, thrust, dropped to deep end maturity 

Without, must learn on the fly, socially stagnant, anxiously becoming less and less yet so much more

Social mess with a So Calness, misplaced functionality, free love given to a stone heart world. Scary

Thoughts bouncing, devouring instinct, playing their part…whispering sidelong apathy, cherish the moments, lost in

Theta wave twilight, that bewitching hour of thought…

Consciousness heightened, not hindered nor constrained by banal being

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