Stoically Brilliant 

 All alone and yet not, where heretofore is the thought

That although I will give and give and give, the ones I give to will just take and live

A life, their beautiful life, apart…forget the relic of a hope

A hope crying tears never yet cried

Solace in thought filled fancy, discarded for truth of life

Alive and yet not, hope for many, none for myself  

A rock, a best friend, one who has been through the shit

Come out the other side, majestically scarred, a private joke, a tepid praise

No understanding, thus discarded or put on pedestal to not be touched 

Lie to oneself? Lessen the brilliance of being?

Self says nay, though survival says yea. I am scarred…I was broken…

I am brilliant! I am alive! I am worthy of love!

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