Vectored Light

Positioned as a piercer of the 3D/5D vale

It all starts with a Spark. Life. Life is the manifestation of light. The spark that occurs when sperm combines with egg is light reducing its vibration enough to become physical matter. Life is light experiencing itself… a form of spiritual masturbation, maybe. The energy reduction is coded within the DNA.

For nine months vehicle is provided shelter with which to grow and expand into a viable mission platform. Upon breaching realm barrier, a soul is attached to prepared mission platform.

We, vectored lights, are injecting our light, bent on raising the collective vibration. With each interaction,light is emitted…

Having lived 22.5 years after I decided to come back, rebuilding a broken body will prove immensely beneficial once the medbeds roll out and I am the burgeoning phenomenon I was headed to be at the time of my reset. I am excited for the truth of my sigma reality.

Seeing visions of the coming reality for Middletown Ohio… the Manchester will be partially live/work lofts, partially corporate events. The riverfront will be developed, removing the paper factory and such… the corner of Clinton and Manchester will be developed into an office/apartment building or a series of boutique shops…. One of the shops on central avenue will be a Unifyd healing center, perfectly split between Cincinnati and Dayton, to serve the SW Ohio/tristate area.

Sun eating is a thing. I have been doing such, when possible, for near a decade.

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