Worth the squeeze?

.00076283% chance per girl, that the average guy sees his love, they marry, happily bullwhatthefuckever (stats from The Book of Numbers by Aaron Clarey). I get the whole increase your numbers thing… you see, that’s a key point. Women took advice meant for men, adopted it as “girl power” and fucked up society, with the wanton sexual debauchery.

As someone who hasn’t been on a date since 2017 and celibate since 2015, I don’t really care a fuck all about this, I’m finding it difficult to write about any benefits to dating modern women, beyond carnal gratification. I don’t want to hook up with you, I don’t want to be your fwb, I don’t want any of your slut/whore energy in my future.

Modern women love to scream about patriarchy or wage gap or other such escapist, blaming bullshit. Anything, ANYTHING to escape cupability. As a modern man, albeit disabled and completely invisible to women, I have been afforded the opportunity to observe. I have for the past 2+ decades, with only minor forays into the hellscape of modern relationship dynamics.

A true agape love, a hierosexual relationship, is what I seek, I won’t settle for less and yes… settling for less is also getting your back blown out by a random guy(s), ladies. True settling is giving up a life of working on love for life working as a whore, guy or girl. Love is not a destination… love is a journey. Modern Women want to wait at the finish line for a love, skipping the best part… building that love.

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