Klpprsn: me without the vowels When you realize that not a one Gives a single fuck It frees you, to cry To get over the shit, the nostalgic Reverence plays a part Fucking fuck, it sucks No one to talk to No one to kiss No one to fuck WordPress Alone I can talk Fuck … Continue reading #438


D Versus E Post wall THOT, hotness previous Gone for a couple, Come back cougar smashed Chasing young cos only attention Friend from afore Still rocking form and sway Kids not effecting Work affectionately paid for oneself Nostalgia twinges, red pill prevails Laughter and facepalm Power supplanted Funny to see in action


U. N. I. T. Y.  (Unfortunately No Inquiry Tells You) her beauty walked in darkness clouded shrouds of mind filled with sanity dance childish whims, presence alike masking ever-present desire for self-fulfillment fooled alike, man after man fooled for men long dead, portraits revered energy sorted, real prize sponges swathed in glorified entitlement filled to overflowing, … Continue reading #405