Why Good Men Gone

Gone the days of youth

Fun had, fucks bad and good a plenty

Wall struck, face first 

Bewilderment marks face shocked by real

Fertility wanes as value plummets 

Responsibility skirted for woman card play

I have a vagina! I have a vagina! 

Woman card fades fast or faster 

Oblivious acting, same always engendered 

Privilege had, taken for granted

Where have all the good men gone?

There remains as attraction wanes

No longer slutground play

Life is real, welcome to it.



Mid-year thoughts…

Why am I seen as an asexual creature? What is it about me being a great friend that makes women scared to consider having feelings for me? Why am I always the guy who becomes the straight “gay” best friend? I can repair or guide anyone through their shit but when the dust clears “thanks Kyle, see ya later, I gots life to live!” They always take a part of me with them… a part which I will never get back. A little bit of my innocence, every time. I am becoming a harder person, i think. Not near as open as before and I cannot help but question my actions… thinking what about being a great man is such a fucking turn-off?  I am the man, in the box.  I offer a glimpse of a life apart, apart from the paradigm we were all raised in.  Women don’t like that so much, but they love the novelty item… that thing they can get close to, experience bits of and then rush back to their mediocre, mundane familiarity.  No one ever grows in a comfort zone… they remain stagnant.

Life is not stagnant, it is ever growing, ever changing… as is the state of human consciousness.   Those of us, aware of the goings on, know this… we can see it.  The movement is slow but with continued presence, the pace of awakening minds is picking up.  Most reading this do not know it, most reading this cannot know it, lost in their ego driven mania.  It is not a bad thing, it is what it is.  I am not dogging anyone, just stating the fact that there are some reading this who will be sorely offended.  Ask yourself why you are offended.  Or not.  The choice is yours, remain stagnant and dead to the world or live a life spoken of by the great sages of ages past.