Paradigm of Virtue? part 1

Writing on unspoken, unacted on kinks, desires, wishes, experiences.  I am amazed I am so centered and self-aware, rather than a mushy ball of repressed anger, then again…my inner child may be just that. I think not. I have experienced glimpses of sexuality, though having never been, truly, desired, I don’t understand the whole bullshit craze…pity sex is less than fulfilling. Not surprising that I think of sex is nothing more just a *meh, whatever*. Yeah, I understand the whole biology of the act, and in the cheapened ways I have experienced sex, but…there is so much more to life. Perhaps it’s my higher IQ coupled with the tragic life experience, which so defined my adolescence, that gives me a greater awareness or, rather, a perfunctory attitude toward sex. I do not know. I do know the juice is just not worth the squeeze.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the feminine aspect and the glorious beauty of a woman in her element…I am a heterosexual human male, after all. There is nothing appealing about playing untoward, pointless psychological games, just to maybe have sex. I emphasize the maybe just to point out the waste of time, money, and investment it is. There is the whole psychological PUA (Pick Up Artist) arena and that is what it is, futile. Sex just for sex is an act of pointless indulgence, empty.

No, I’m not championing the beta cuck bullshit of wait ’til you’re married, I didn’t. I crave for connection, for a sexual reprieve, for a fulfilling of that big O vitamin. The juice is overpriced, the effort and investments required are too high. O-juice is put back on the shelf…it spoils rather quickly, in life…akin to a personified milk… female fertility. Only reason attraction is hardwired. Thirty-five, near the feminine hardline…no matter all these OKCupid delusions. Double aught sans a couple, to five of triple aught…these are prime years, often misused to ride a carousel. Masculinity wanted, femininity denied…pair bonding, nigh impossible.  Children playing with fire, burning down the reproductive house at an alarming rate.

Feminism has become an organized system of naught but spoiled children jumping up and down, stamping their feet…all for another piece of candy (more power). It may have started out with the noblest of intentions, however, as with any socialist/communist inspired idea, it destroys a society from within.  Ignorance of economic realities, because of an in-group preference for entitled superiority, has run rampant for nigh on a century. What with the falling marriage/birth rates, coupled with the shrinking number of men in colleges, the incentives to promote women over men (despite anti-sexism laws), it is quite obvious that this patriarchy feminists keep preaching against is a myth. Morbidly humorous is the archaic serf-like treatment of the men they rely on for everything they choose to not want to do.  I digress, the point being, the juice is not worth the squeeze.

Love is the key to true enlightenment, not this society defined bullshit infatuation-type love, but a true, genuine appreciation/adoration for life and life energy.  Being disabled, although a quite capable individual, has given me a keen perspective on the dating and human sexuality paradigm. Image is everything, hypergamy matters, and “love”, as defined by society, is a fickle mistress…bullshit.

Satiation for momentary indulgence, casual sex…is meaningless, empty. It’s an addiction, and just as with any addiction, it starts with a choice. The Millenial/Generation Z obsession with immediate gratification is just an extension or evolution, rather, of the late 60s’ free love experiment. Perfected to the point of destroying the birthrate, in the west.  Biological denial and subsequent acceptance of decaying uteri is a very macabre and humorous affair to watch, women wanting to be men and encouraging men to be more like women, which is, in and of itself, a paradox.

Women and men are equal, according to feminists. A laughable assertion. Instead of celebrating the beautiful biological symmetry presented with the two different genders’ perceived differences and responsibilities, these differences and resposibilities are coveted. “The grass is always greener on the other side” unless you have a female centered safety net, in the form of a government mandated welfare system. At that point, the male utility in a society is being fulfilled by a government entity, thus rendering the male’s reason for being in said society useless.

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