We create our own world but everyone does not create equally.

We are all artists.  We can paint the canvas of our life anyway we want it.

But some have access to a wider variety of paints than others.

They can paint a richer, fuller painting.  They can give themselves a richer, fuller life.

So how to you get access to more paint?


Many are stuck in a life they don’t like simply because they do not know something that others know.

The irony is they think it is because it just wasn’t meant to be any other way. 

They are so wrong.

They first step is to realize there is so much knowledge out there you are unaware of.  Humble yourself to realize there is so much more you have to learn.  It is a process that will be never ending.  Consider the vastness of the universe.  Do you seriously believe we have come anywhere even remotely close to discovering all there is to know?  We haven’t even begun.

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