Truth Hammer

I am not judging or being angry, I am just throwing my truth hammer around, trying to break some of these glass houses.  I try to speak the truth, though I can be rather blunt, and I am not vindictive or angry about anything. I am one of the nicest people you will ever meet… yeah, I do have passion, especially about subjects in which I am well versed. Chosen ignorance, for that is what believing mythology is, is a big faux pas of mine. It just irks me when folks are so entrenched in their beliefs, so arrogant to think that they have all the answers that they put on airs. No one knows shit… we are all in this for the first time. Seriously stop worrying about your death, what happens after death or how the world came to be and worry how you live this life! This is all we are sure to have, whatever happens happens. Let love guide your every action and remove fear from your life…. anything that will damn you if you do not believe it is vindictive, unloving and cruel… it is fear based bullshit, fostering separation and because we all need love and the promise of unconditional love is appealing… people are fooling themselves by thinking if they do these rituals, sing certain songs they will get into a magical fairy tale or if they say bad words, have sex etc etc that they will “burn in hell” for eternity. That is an absolute while walking on eggshells, and as my good friend Obi once said, “only Sith deal in absolutes” Religiosity is a tool of fear, Religion has fuck all to do with morals, so I will stop that bullshit argument here and now. Again, I am angry at no one, just serving up some real truth. I know, it hurts… your eyes are bleeding, absolution is nigh, we’re all going to burn in hell cos I said “FUCK”… whatever, lol. Have a wonderful day peoples and love one another. = )

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