Want of Reason

trust is nonexistent, fucking every dick that says hi

for all I know, it has been that way from the start

when did the lies start? when did lie become reality?

knowledge is lost, pushed aside in love’s stupor

what the fuck?! This really sucks, i felt she could be

my wife, A foolish notion to give a part of your life

to one who sees you as an option, a momentary

pause.  What on earth was the cause, of love loss

and reason for double cross? Again, I cannot

know.  Want of lust, of worthless wealth clouds the

mind; enough to make one sick if any knew the price,

nay the cost of death of trust, agonizing screams

silent in the mind yet seen with open, unclouded eyes

my strength is too great, I welcome hurt, a glutton, for

torture of heart.  Any other, have left not long after start

energy courses through my every pore,

I feel its power, its magnetic pull in the core

she needs my guidance, my teaching hands

love is an illusion, the greatest of them all

or is it the illusion of love is evil disguised?

Love being the greatest of all, the wicked seek to use

love’s graces to do as they please, accomplished

and done with tremendous ease. Gain hard won

trust and deep felt love, flip the script and

“do as you lust”, saying to self that you are just,

free in all, love holds no sway.  To love is to

sacrifice, self to self, put another’s wants before

your own. Some cannot know, though they be full

grown, sheltered and bled by “friends” not friends.

grabbing for shit and pushing aside loves graceful

hand, why the fuck am I still here?!  A test of strength?

Energy be damned… it does not lie.  I grew up very fast

some are far behind. I nudge and I nudge, being pushed

to my point.  What point that is, none can yet know

I might not want to find out, it would be quite a show.

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