Cowardice Made Manifest

Another end, “thee end”, is nigh, enough, too late in coming.

Saw from the start what a fucked up mess this was, hoped it was …

different but the same is just suck, why to ever give a fuck?

Ignorant tools trapping in ignorant lusts… truth laid bare,

the truth of soul. naught but a bottomless hole of fickle wants.

Tasted real love, spat for dago dick, the kind of thing that makes one sick..

rent of love for lust of shit, why is it the good ones are hardest hit?

Falling slowly, death nearby creeping love lost, carries on, no weeping

Choices made, chances given, more than deserved, but this heart is reserved

for one who sees the value, the truth of light. The flakes and fakes

can take their rake of wealth and lust. Love is all that matters in the end,

all that is really real. Energy doesn’t lie but some cannot see the truth

the blinding light that shows the way, cowering and covering their heads,

seeking that familiar feel, the one thing they are sure of being real.

Cowards of life, remaining stagnant, never growing, never glowing with

their own light. Choked down by snow and wealth, the penalty

is just their health… platitudes a plenty, pouring forth… the root

of the problem is the only source.  Not seeing the forest for the tree,

the roots infected with poison sweet. Too much sweet and teeth are rot,

and what to do as it is seen the spot is far from where was sought

trapped in a hell, especially designed.. for them and their materialistic grime.

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