He remembered how much it hurt when she withdrew the knife

blood curdling screams, silent, in his eyes

It slipped in with the first of many lies

she told, burrowing deeper and deeper to the source of life.

Right track skewed by wanton’s lust

Trust pushed aside for bevy of lies

Misjudged intellect, naught but deny, deny, deny

All the lies, lies to self, lies to heart, thought just

Weakness showing through, pouring out in droves

error seen in the path ahead

feelings had for lust are long since dead

trapped and only alone, no one to hear but love’s

ear. The ear betrayed, but feeling was never belayed

holding strong, seeing the truth

the manipulation.. so uncouth

Naivete is blamed for the way she was way-layed

Friends who are not friends encouraging lust

lust of shit that matters not

where to live, what can be bought

Love pours forth, unwavering from a source proved just.

Guiding from afar, swaying a mind bombarded from without

with bullshit words and violent action

seen by none but told through affection

to the love of her life, the real man, her saving grace, stout.

if she would but turn to him, she would surely find

her problems melt as snow

“friends” not friends just go

the direction of the future is created by the mind.

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