Calling bullshit

Calling Bullshit on these lost deleted files just showing up ‼️

So Patrick Byrne did a live stream on Locals and says that Hunter Biden tried to delete 400,000 files from the laptop before he sent it in for service, those files are a whole other level than what Marco Polo is working on, and he tried to give ’em a month ago to Garrett Ziegler.

But that doesn’t make sense – those laptops weren’t taken in for service, Mac Isaac said that 3 water-damaged computers were brought in by Hunter. One couldn’t be salvaged, one only needed the keyboard cleaned and was returned the next day. And the third is the laptop that is being talked about- it was repaired and accessed by Mac Isaac but Hunter never returned for it. How the hell does Hunter try to delete a bunch of files “before taking it in for service” from a laptop he couldn’t access???

And Ziegler let’s everyone know what’s up; he put out the grand jury subpoena and the Bobulinski messages they received a few weeks ago, he would have told everyone about these supposed new files from Maxey if that happened.

Only way there are intentionally deleted files is if Hunter convinced Mac Isaac to help delete them before turning that laptop over, and I’m not believing that! And I’m sure not gonna believe Marco Polo couldn’t find them, but hacker extraordinaire Jack Maxey could?

Calling Bullshit.


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