He left it on purpose.

I think decades of abuse by his father, several forms of abuse, tormented, corrupted, and damaged Hunter severely. These abuses drove Hunter into the lifestyle he has lead.

He then repeated the sins of his father on others.

He was trapped in the lifestyle of corruption by his father, and uncle, and his escapism became drug addiction and debauchery. Those things offered temporary relief/escape, but also brought guilt and further destruction upon him.

As he saw his business partners getting indicted, convicted, and disappearing, and as he got notices that he had been named in a criminal case, and he and his uncle were subjects of a federal probe, he realized his choices were very limited and none were “good”. For him anyway.

And in those moments of despair and brokeness, he was approached by authorities, perhaps offered a path, perhaps simply shown the logical conclusion of the one he was already on, and he agreed to compile and turn over evidence that would blow up his family’s crime syndicate.

The Laptop From Hell.

~Just Human

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