Piece by piece

So here’s how this whole Hillary and Obummer spied on Trump at the behest of the Deep State is going to play out.

Little by little, you’re going to see pieces of select evidence from Durham become public. This evidence will point towards them but only in small pieces withholding the breadth of evidence.

They will get questioned about it and in order to keep their narrative going they will be forced to defend their position and lie about it. The media will help them with this lie.

Then more small pieces of evidence will come out and point more towards them. They will build on their lie and add new parts to the lies to cover where their previous lie Didnt. The media will continue to help them with this lie.

Then moar and moar pieces of evidence will come out and this time it will show blatant contradiction to their narrative and previous lies. Obviously set up, and caught red-handed while the public is becoming increasingly aware of their lying they will triple down.

This will continue All the way until a flood of direct evidence is public, each effectively proving they’re lying, and now they got 17 different stories and can’t keep up with them all. The media will then try and gaslight everyone into Durham being a Russia stooge and its all a hoax. You can almost see Rachel Madcow screeching from on the set of his new movie with Ben Stiller.

Too easy yet will be so effective

The normies will wake up, see their bullshit for what it is, and then pose no opposition when it comes time to arrest them thus avoiding civil war.

Remember: Public awakening = game over


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