Seeing the same story unfold in another life…

Narratives change but message remains

What comes of a naive, frightened boy, who is thrust to manhood 

And expected to know all he should have learned, sans thrust?

Solitary confinement transforms extrovert to introvert

Coupled with experience dearth, drives one mad with experience lust

Lustful folly follows closely, heartily ripping innocence to shame 

Crawl back to solitary hell, sanity be poet’s pen

Expression the only voice, romantic discarded for trappings of society’s choice

Only furthering the shunning of society and people at large.

Hookup culture, emotional distance…a fucking joke

A lie to oneself, momentary satiation, heroin of emotions. 

He takes no part! Fucked beyond recognition he was once…

Fucked by life, right up the ass!

Fucked again and again as he moves from here to there

No understanding, no recognition, expectation of is is all

What is is what is wrong, what is is what belongs 

To another life, another time, another him.

Caught in a place not ready for wisdom 

He does what he does and that is be, be himself…

And picks the world up and drops it on its fucking head.

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