April shower

Lying awake, needing to be up in less than four hours. My mind is in a very weird, almost familiar place right now. Like I’ve been here before, though on a much baser level. Going over my writings the last three weeks, I can see an underlying theme. I am restless in life; with the status quo. I am sick of just accepting the short end of the stick. A catalyst is nigh! 

A friend or two or three are heavy on my mind. Why?!? The part of me I am killing off, the hope that is borne of history had and signals misconstrued. Button up and baton down the hatches, the friend zoned submarine is diving; disembarking. 

Asshole hath the been here, thoug withdrawn for hope’s folly, time cometh to let fly. I only do what I want. Sacrificing self for others has but gotten me walked on, passed by, discarded with the silt…friend zoned.

Life, you beautiful bitch.

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