Wit’s Finale

A hand needed for a time, emotionally abused the while.

Strength, an emotional support, hand to hold while struggles ensue.

Freedom reigns and the shadow is denied. What comes next?

Push aside the protective hand, the one that helped when falling.

Wanting to run wild, a caged bird, finally free.  The trouble is

the water hole where bird was caught, bird is not ready to partake.

Learn the lesson, bird is not ready to fly.  Vulnerable ignorance.

Bird’s saving grace may not be this fiftieth time. Hand tries to reason,

Shot down with anger misplaced, replaced one shadow for a different brand

Like voting on election day.  Smear the truth. Shoved aside for a lie.

Something is wrong, perhaps the lesson is mine.  Perhaps some birds just

Use you to shit on you and fly.  Shrug, oh well, bird is bound to fall again

I learn my lessons the first time, have fun living a perpetual lie.

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