Dreaming Tree Branch out, feel the growth... branches getting caught in wires sever the limb, growth carries on reaching ever higher, housing birds granting haven, value seen and cherished, as it should be. Safety herein, truth laid bare. Lies and deceit cannot survive in shade of tree.


Catharsis A different time this might have been It seems to work the same, always though the five month span from November to March... Fucking Novarch! Trickery and deceit.... love and lies Standing tall, fuck it all, more is worth defined Star stuff, sane stuff, real stuff cannot be handled by the ignorant masses.


Not The End Feeling strong and worthy of so much more. discordance and disregard... thought as less than need less than want is more,  Traded down for less but with more superficiality.  Scarred he's not, memory made, and lesson learned. But no! He will not give up, cannot give up.


Energetic Love A glimpse of a future unseen, of happiness in life abounding His vision cast forward with her in mind, entering his beautiful family Memories made in future past tense, he glimpses scenes of joy. The feelings he feels, surpassing all that have come prior, completeness. Excitement overflows at the possibilities he sees, he … Continue reading #92