The Change

Pondering life as tears well up…. slowly

trickling down my cheek… a tear, it slides.

Two more follow its wake, the path of least

resistance.  Love bubbles up from within,

choked down for far too long.  Inspiration

beckons from somewhere inside my mind,

my chest of wonders needing only to be

unlocked.  Lack of love in life is a disease,

a plague of the world.  My heart weeps, yet

my eye sheds but three tears.  This isn’t

a time for tear filled sorrow!  A time for love,

a time for change… not for guns and more

of the same!  change starts with you, in you

and around you.  Be better, be the change!

One thought on “#65

  1. Tears do follow the same path. Somtimes in order to stop crying I try to force myself to shed more tears to see if can make them go in different directions and then of course they dry up because I can’t feel sorry for myself if I’m not really sad. Ha

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