Point of Interest

Writing of 10.5.2012

A moment comes in this life when you feel something, perhaps more than once.  Whether or not you are aware of it is not the point.  The easy way to explain it away is mythologies, as in times of old and times of the present. The human mind and powers of self discovery are so clouded; beauty without and within is amazing to behold.. seen, felt, smelt, thought.  Energy!  Energy is the source of everything since singularity.  Reality, this reality, our reality is consciousness.We, in our minuscule mindsets, cannot fully comprehend the greatness and capabilities within ourselves.. ever reaching for an external and eternal source.  All the capability and power lies within our mind, the power to overcome this, the power to see something through, etc, etc.  A god is not a conscious being; god, as described by religions is the personification of the power of thought energy.

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