People should research Project Pelican and Club-K. If Hillary won 2016, were were meant to be thrust into a war much like we see being crafted right before our eyes. A potential nuclear false flag was planned on Americans and blamed on Russia if they could not blame North Korea. If Americans resisted their control over us and attempted and uprising against their plan, these Club K missiles were one of the many tactics meant to put us into submission and go along with their false flag and global takeover. Russia was always a part of the deep states and globalists 16 year plan. Russia was always meant to be one of the main patsies. If America is put into submission, Russia would be next. Then with the two super powers in submission and weakened, who benefits? Who has always taunted Russia and attempted to encroach upon their sovereign territory? The CCP. Putin has always pushed back against potential threats to Russian sovereign land, as he has every right to. Just like America has every right to protect our Republic and the people if there was an attack and/or invasion/infiltration form enemy forces.

Now that Trump stalled and derailed their 16 year plan, there appears to be attempts to restart it. With the deep state crafting the narrative and trying to convince the world Russia is aggressive and trying to invade Ukraine, it won’t suprise me if the deep state uses a nuclear false flag (or create the image of one) and blame Russia. American lives over there would be sacrificed to shift America’s anger from the CCP to Russia. Just like 9/11, Americans who fell for the narrative will want revenge and all out war against Russia. Not to say there was not an attack. But there is a good reason to believe it was a sick, horrific false flag like others orchestrated in the past. These people are sick and are willing to sacrifice as many as they have to in order to inch closer and closer to their untilate goals. Remember the recent chaos in Kazakhstan ? They have the largest uranium deposits. I would not be surprised with the recent events there we hear about weapons grade uranium going missing during the chaos. Remember, Russia was being blamed for the uprising in Kazakhstan.

Use discernment and don’t fall for the fake news and the deep states lies.

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