Random thoughts

Are we but a minute and minuscule representations of our dimension, of the universe itself? Self-minded apes with a severe ego problem? Narcissism knows no bounds…among some of the pseudo-learned (as we’ll call them here), it reaches the greatest heights.

It’s is a sad affair when a person is so closed minded that the only reason they engage in debate is to hear their own opinions (echo). That is the case with many of these pseudo-learned. They aren’t comfortable enough in their own knowledge to be sure they have to rely on group thought to feel validated. Intellectual cowardice? I have to think so…thinking like the group is easy, is lazy, is passing the buck… it’s psychological crack though, once you open yourself up to it, it’s hard as fuck to separate yourself. It becomes less hard when you really don’t give a shit about social presence. See me, being disabled, I am already looked at as subpar.  I understand it, I do, and it is perfectly fine. First impressions are not a strong suit but a lasting impression is. One thing I do possess is a fuck load of presence. I’m just me.

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