On 2016 American society

The present oligarchical rule, resembling of Napoleonic France of the nineteenth  century, is on a crash course to failure as it is fueled by nothing but class warfare, greed and corruption. Being blanketed with sub-intelligent Americans without a mind to the distant future only the immediate gratification, this oligarchical class, this egoistic hog trough, can we expect anything less?  The raping of the lower class, the workers, the middle class, of anyone but them will only work so long.  It is a finite resource, much like any other resource on this planet.  Either it will be used to extinction or used to revolution.  The larger majority of the classes without, this 99.99% of Americans, is starting to waken, all  but the upper parts of it, the ones that think they are n the .01% but are really sucking on tailpipes.  The rest of us, though, are starting to mobilize and vocalize our distresses.  We are having an effect!

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