Oppression screams loudly speaking to the black, the white, the red, the yellow

Speaking loudly to the one that grabs them all, disabled, differently abled

All the same, all the same. Disabled and seen as less than whole,

Treated like children, inside screams aloud.  Begging/not begging for a voice

For a chance to spread the word of community overlooked, of discarded

Power, rights discounted, seen as less of import. I’m not trying to distort the

Message and the retorts I have seen, felt and dealt with. Brain injured and scarred

White and privileged, privilege distorted and contorted to pity misplaced.

Pity handed to any who are different, who sound different, who are scarred, human

Beings the same, energetic beings, watching, listening, communicating, experiencing.

All the same, all the same, love and anger, I pity the unblemished for loss of sight.

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