Radical thoughts

A moment of impact, fourteen years hence, a moment of profound change.  Free radicals bouncing always and so a lesson taken from the multitudes of particles.  Set roles and patterns are for death, the mundane triviality of life.  We are all created to be free radicals, growing in ourselves for the benefit of all, always with group thought in mind.  Tis a selfless love of self, almost contradictory in terms.  Fourteen years since impact and the free radicals are gaining speed, gathering momentum, drawing the uninitiated toward with a fervent desire to learn more; to see more; to know what drives; to know how happiness can be found even in the face of such woe begotten fortunes.  The secret is… life is what it is. Expectations of life are the death of hope, the death of creativity. Accept what is, change what you can, let go of what you cannot and stop with the whining!  And so I slumber… 

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