Ten-Second Lesson

Chemically, maniacally based on bullshit science, man playing god

We fuck ourselves again and again, ruining this harmonious globe with the egos

Of our money driven souls. Playing with fire, kids of life… ten seconds old in the galactic

Timeline, thinking we know better… teenage strife.  Humans are the adolescent dropouts

Of life, flipping burgers to pay for our fifteen bastards’ bread… arrogance running wild;

The twelve year old with daddy’s automatic pistol “oh, this looks cool!”

Life is not a ponzi scheme, we are not Bernie Madoff or the Amway heroes.

We are one in a symbiosis. Earth will be fine, once we kill ourselves, nature will carry on

Its trillions of years and humans will be reabsorbed into the energy en masse.

A ten second lesson, a breath in the galactic life.

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