Ser Peter Sigma

So I'm a OG blogger. No, not one of these douchey, latte chugging, sweater vest, afternoon brunch mother fuckers… and no, I wasn't and am not (checks neck growth) a glorified neck beard. I started a livejournal July of 2000, down in good 'ole Harrisburg, Virginia. I was a sixteen-year-old burgeoning muician, writer and scholar, … Continue reading Ser Peter Sigma

Post marriage reality

Western society has advanced to the point of hating and demonizing men. It is what it is. Life, in this first quarter of the 21st century is proving to be a profound experience. Especially seeing that I am a disabled, straight white male. Feminism, and thus the overarching communist base of feminism, has poisoned western … Continue reading Post marriage reality

Paradigm apparent

Boys are being raised as defective women, girls are being raised as defective men. Hypothetical: Woman dates/fucks the bad boys, bad boys treat them like they're just a cock holster... to the bad boys, that is all they are... woman then dates a regular guy, projecting all the bad qualities woman received from the bad … Continue reading Paradigm apparent

WW1 to Trump – episode 2

TheTreaty of Versailles... reparations against Germany... wheelbarrow of Reichsmarks for loaf of bread... etc etc. Roaring twenties, suffrage for women, prohibition.... yeah. 10-24-1929: planned stock market crash, American overlords bank and laugh at the plebs, their underlings panic, some suicides, harsh times, dust bowl, stuff... Hitler takes over Germany in 1933, begins rebuilding the military … Continue reading WW1 to Trump – episode 2

Armadilidium vulgare

Do rolly pollies prefer virgins over more experienced females? The answer, yes. An aversion to whoredom isn't misogyny, it's nature. Teach your daughters to keep their legs closed, if they want a successful marriage and family life. That means, the hoe phase is a lie. The hoe phase is a bullshit horror "spent women" like … Continue reading Armadilidium vulgare

Snapshot in time:

Nearing Ky's 22 birthday is very interesting. I was going through past posts and came upon this three year old snapshot of Ky's journey: Kyle, nineteen years later It is frustratingly hilarious....being an honest guy in this world of makeup, lies, and other deceptions. He can't win for losing, he cannot help but freely open … Continue reading Snapshot in time:

Women and ROI

Women used to be a prize sought after by males... back before men gave up their masculinity, when women were wives, rather than hypergamous whores. Its a direct road to hell, these past 60 years. Seeing things from a shallow overview, damn! We're fucked. In all honesty... the past few, the current, and the next … Continue reading Women and ROI

Galactic doings

Confidence in a galactic plan is freeing... bigger than monotheism, it is essential for ascension. Seeing influences like rocks in a rushing river, creating rippling currents, growing to waves of rushing belief, or bullshit. So... life is now, there is no past, there is no future and the rest you make up in your head. … Continue reading Galactic doings

Fathers and sons

Men or moms, male or overmale. Male guidance tempers and trains a boy; a young man to handle testosterone. Lack of father, single mother households, grow more efeminite men.... which in turn causes a natural state of hormonally wild males (HWM) when the testosteone kicks in, without a fatherly hand tempering the sudden influx of … Continue reading Fathers and sons

Modern progression, no… a vastly miscalculated regression

Modern society, is it a regression on the past? In our dominator centered mindset, have we so arrogantly assumed that we are the more advanced… as we destroy the loins from whence we sprung? Modern history, is it just the record of our conquests and unbridled hatred for life? What of the Agrarian societies dating … Continue reading Modern progression, no… a vastly miscalculated regression

Well okay then

Traditionalism... its a one sided affair these days and men are saying these days are over. For decades, women have thrived in their debaucherous bullshit with little say from men... because, "OMG, the patriarchy!" Men were shamed into accepting the society demolishing bullshit of female promescuity. Much like a ten year old kid being let … Continue reading Well okay then