Unchanged It doesn't matter Valuable times given to bad Nice ones next Lastly, different asshole, no Not worth the chance What would others think? Hot dog hallway Not even onsidered Nor ever wanted Amazing lover Untapped resource Life happens or it never does.



Unfuckable Reality Legitmately crying right now To have overcome so much To fall short every fucking time It's understood but it fucking sucks Eight years, eight fucking years Last time river cums Fucking hell, fucking hell in spades Eight chances in 36 years, Three accomplished. Fucking pathetic Though, sans the fucking Just pathetic I love … Continue reading #432


Hopeless they come, they go, a glimpse of what may never be shrugs off hope it's not for one to choose hope against hope betrays ones focus hotness comes upon broken AC trivial matters, all that remains dead to life, shade upon shade never the same