Why Good Men Gone

Gone the days of youth

Fun had, fucks bad and good a plenty

Wall struck, face first 

Bewilderment marks face shocked by real

Fertility wanes as value plummets 

Responsibility skirted for woman card play

I have a vagina! I have a vagina! 

Woman card fades fast or faster 

Oblivious acting, same always engendered 

Privilege had, taken for granted

Where have all the good men gone?

There remains as attraction wanes

No longer slutground play

Life is real, welcome to it.



This thing called life

Life as we know it is a ball of hormones, influenced and controlled by media influence. This is a very sad and droll look at human existence, to think we are on some sort of plateau when in reality we are holding ourselves back with small mindedness and political absurdities.  

Life is a truly beautiful thing in and of itself. Look past your own sufferings and selfish trivialities and look at the amazing character of life. That is where we get stuck, it is understandable that the survival instinct be a dominant trait but the modern human mindset is conditioned to think it needs much more than necessary for survival. 

My own experience with the shades of life has opened my eyes. Anything I put my mind to I excelled at. I was a child prodigy. I was a star athlete for my high school, I was a stellar scholar: scoring a 29 on the ACT at 15, started college at 16, et cetera et cetera, I was a phenomenal musician and self taught guitar player, a singer/songwriter… the world was my oyster.

My life was forever changed by the thirstiness of a redneck. After having just turned seventeen a month prior, I was involved in a severe car accident. I suffered a TBI, three month coma, contused spinal column, shattered left hip, shattered left elbow, broken Femur; ulna; radial bones, lacerated liver, ruptured spleen and dysphonia… needless to say, the prognosis was not good.

People ask me all the time how I overcame such strong odds. I fully realize now, though I wasn’t aware of it, that I am the one to shape my universe. I had stuff to do, life to live! Never, never, never give up. That was my motto through the months and years of physical trauma and rehabilitation.  

Sure, it may sound like some feel good seminar bull crap “think happy thoughts”. But the truth of the matter is, it seriously works. If you want to be happy, change your view. I have said this for years but didn’t fully realize what I was saying. If you’re going through life worried about this and that, your thoughts project such manifestations into being.  

I am often complimented on how happy I am and what a joy I am to see. Why? Through my experience of having lost much and yet excelled to the point I have, through it all, I have learned one chief lesson. Life is too short to be anything but happy and happiness is a choice. It is that simple. I overcame such odds because I saw where wanted to be and my thoughts, energizing the space around me, caused it to happen.

Call me crazy, call me what you will. I don’t live my life complaining about this and that, if something is wrong and you can change it, do. If it is something out of your control, don’t fret about it.


Romantic Love Does Not Exist

Shifting weights are changing minds 

What weighs on in unending reverence 

Weighs ended on satisfaction halt 

Bend not in Rome spired notions 

Of farcical emotion, false representation 

What does not, can not exist 

Roman romance, Shakespeare’s jest 

Guy and girl suicide rife folly of youth 

Folly of history remembrance 

Glorified stupidity, relished society over 

Misread satire, misinterpreted brilliance   


At Peace

A man going his own way

Paradigm seen for bullshit it is

Trekking untold waters with winds

Unmistakably turbulent 

Time not for social grace 

Buy your own damn drinks 

Equality is a thing fought for

Got and discarded for yorely benefits 

Mentioning, BOOM!

Sexual repression 

Untoward aggression 

Choosing peace

Keep your marital sentences

No part taken 

No fucks given


Life by Example 

One of the best men around

Amazingly strong of character, 

Confidently tragic his situation be

Where brightness shadowed by pain

By suffering same 

Thriving like Phoenix 

Risen from flame

 Tragedy in waiting

Brighter than all

Brighter still for coming through 

Awakened in heart and mind

Shunned for differing being 

Uncomfort made known

When shown how well others

Lives made hell by bitch and moan

Seeing all with humility’s eyes

Aloneness he lives 

While they curse their lives 

Betterness had if selfishness left

A lesson he lives

Example to teach 


Inconsiderate Expulsion 

Seven and seven goes down smoothly 

Wine bar aesthetic 

Loving life

Ceeeping slowly

Methane gas fills aura

SBD  nostril assault 

Looking around with disgust

What the literal fuck?!?

Dude runs away disgusted

Culprit found in abject innocence 

Humans are weirdly predictable 

Goddamn, that was raunchy!