Eph. 6:11

If we try to go toe-to-toe with Lucifer using our own strength (or computers birthed from our meager understanding of reality)… we are sooooo outmatched we have no chance at all.

When we partner with Christ… Lucifer has no chance at all. Not only are we directly spiritually shielded, we are blessed and empowered in the very moment that we need it by direct revelation from the Holy Ghost.

You can tap into “the source” that Tesla barely glimpsed, but knew all his knowledge was coming from.

We just have to be humble and want the right things. God’s goal is probably not for you to have an amazing invention and become rich and famous… but revelation is just as real when it’s the Spirit whispering that you should pick up the phone and call somebody who is sad and needs to be lifted up… only to discover that your call came at a moment of great need.

THAT is His work and glory… that you should be an instrument of the Comforter so He can help the one who needs it and give you the joy of being part of that work. (He could do it by Himself, but He doesn’t want to leave you out of it)