Inner SOB Dark to light in many forms Awakened life, depths of nethers Decayed attent, rust abounds Eight years full Decency mistaken, Won't put up with shit Halt backstep to chimp Be oneself No drama No games



Hopeless they come, they go, a glimpse of what may never be shrugs off hope it's not for one to choose hope against hope betrays ones focus hotness comes upon broken AC trivial matters, all that remains dead to life, shade upon shade never the same


Universal Math by math equals sundry understanding Equated reasoning, quotient of intelligence Bared, loosened logic, wavering thought Surity of self, doubting truth herein Rote memorization, the beginning of knowledge Understanding abounds with utility


So Damn Lucky Walking weathered limbs Pain moves in and out Through and over top Take me back Dizzyness abounds, surrounding Confounding, living ice Backward walking Traversed afore Time again with ease Still, time again Not done yet.