The me I be

“I am but an above average traveler on this journey untold”. I have faced many obstacles and have surpassed all belief. I have a gift with words, writing my first poem in the 6th grade and winning third place in an Oratorical contest, I was 12. I have since written many many poems, ranging all genres, forms, meters, what have you. I love language and just the sharing of feelings through indirect means.

When I was 17, I was involved in a horrific car accident, suffering TBI, had multiple system failures and was in a coma. My parents were given the prognosis of me being in a permanent vegetative state. I wasn’t done yet, by no means. I had a long road of recovery, facing doubts, unwarranted judgments, prejudices and more along the way. I am still facing these things, to an extent, as I am not your typical man.

This experience and the subsequent experiences with people, things, the world has shaped my poetry and writing into being something with a deeper truth than what appears on the surface.

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