The me I be

“I am but an above average traveler on this journey untold”. I have faced many obstacles and have surpassed all belief. I have a gift with words, writing my first poem in the 6th grade and winning third place in an Oratorical contest, I was 12. I have since written many many poems, ranging all genres, forms, meters, what have you. I love language and just the sharing of feelings through indirect means.

When I was 17, I was involved in a horrific car accident, suffering TBI, had multiple system failures and was in a coma. My parents were given the prognosis of me being in a permanent vegetative state. I wasn’t done yet, by no means. I had a long road of recovery, facing doubts, unwarranted judgments, prejudices and more along the way. I am still facing these things, to an extent, as I am not your typical man.

This experience and the subsequent experiences with people, things, the world has shaped my poetry and writing into being something with a deeper truth than what appears on the surface.

5 thoughts on “The me I be

  1. just dropped by your site looking for pictures, loved the ones on god, neural patterns and the universe. Am struggling myself with neurological damage but am still working and functioning. Just wanted to say that I embrace your courage, and wish you al the best in this journey.
    All these buddhist and philosophical philosophies are beautiful, but in practice hard, and you seem to be in the eye of the storm…

    1. As for the storm, I am in the midst of it though I internalize much. My agony would just add to the cacophony of this modern hell we live in, I seek to raise the conscious vibration.

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