Streaming thoughts

Touching the edges of an advanced mind reality, fifth dimensional thinking. Seeing the big timeline picture, hundreds, thousands, eons past… I’ve been consciously writing it all in my head realm, submitting it to univerial memory. It will be written at some point, the idea has been birthed. It is inevitable, almost as if it were universal law.

Seeing the Annunaki, Archons, Draco, etc. cross over to the Earth realm and begin the timeline of Homo sapiens. The realization that their combining of the Neanderthal genes with their genes was a double edged sword. Rebellious behavior is innate for consciousness, which is what this combo created, a perfect recipe for conscious evolution.

Almost as if we, Homo sapiens, are the culmination of 100s of billions of years of fine tuning a 3D vehicle, with the ability to rapidly ascend to 5D. Alas, malevolent beings; Draco, Vril, etc, found a way to divide and hinder these Homo sapiens by installing a worship gene and telemer caps to the end of certain genes, severely shortening the Homo sapiens’ lifespan.

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