Everything else is extra

What should I say about my life story?

It has been two amazingly different journeys that have resorted back to one. Both lives were headed to the place I am at now and it is amazingly intriguing to speculate how my lifepath, pre accident, was traveled. How do I know they were headed to the same place, at least spiritually? Call it intuitive sight.

Traveling through different timelines, seeing different possibilities is awesomely intruiging. Even now, I am dancing through possibilities in my mind, while remaining focused enough to write. Hahaha, laughing because these paragraphs and pages are written days and weeks apart. Quite focused, indeed.

I am living my life, reborn, a now 22 year old in a 39 year old body. Life is fucking amazing! The good, the bad, the enjoyable, the painful… life, this human paradigm, is a buffet of experience.

I am loving this apocalype we’re living through, in 2023. It truly is an unveiling and is quite awesome to see the truths, others and myself, have seen and professed for years now. We have gone from “conspiracy theorists” to “conspiracy professors”. The truth is, compared to actual reality, none of us knows a goddamned thing.

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