Underage kid supplies party August 2000

Pushing the cart toward the back of the Meijier grocery section, Ty walked with a pep in his step. Turning down the beverage aisle, he walked toward the alcohol section. Ty was headed to a friend’s party and wanted to grab some beverages… having recently started college, the 16 year old was going to use his college ID, without the birthdate, as an age verification.

Approaching the checkout lanes of the Meijer, Ty was looking for a younger cashier. Searching… searching… searching… bingo. Ty loaded the belt with Zima, Budweiser, Bud light, Mike’s Hard Lemonade,Blue Moon and other bullshit drinks a teen would choose. “ID please.” Hands over college ID. Cursory glance, “That’ll be $82.99.”

*name changed to protect the deviant*

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