Birth of two societies

We live in a world-society that is being split in two, by fifth generation warfare. One side is the side of the homo-luminos and the other side, the homo-borgus.

Any two vaxxed people who happen to conceive will birth one of new species of man… homo-borgus. The gene editing program that is the mRNA injection, #depopshot, the jab, the devil’s software is weeding out those too human to continue as homo-borgus.

Imagine, if you will, a Star Trek like nation inhabited by the space faring homo-luminos, former homo-sapiens. Peace reigns and the galaxy is a playground. The telemer caps are removed from the 2 strands of active DNA, lifespans are extended, more strands of DNA are awakened from their dormant state,

On the flip side, we have the homo-borgus, former homo-sapiens who traded their sovereignty for state cotrol. It’s a chaotic cluster-fuck of viral shedding and dying suddenly.

Enjoy the show.

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