You arrogant son of a bitch

There were times I have been described as arrogant or cocky. I’ve dismissed this by saying it is confidence. The truth is, it really is. I knew I can handle anything that comes my way… I, in my early to mid twenties, was a young guy excelling at college (Phi Theta Kappa), quite humorous, and quite obviously physically disabled. I used a walker and my disarthria was more pronounced. My accident restarted my life… pre accident I had the world by the tail, co-captain andstar goalie for the men’s varsity soccer team, self taught guitarist…. Blah blah blah “former self” aggrandizing bullshit. Nevertheless, I had amazing self confidence, bolstered by the fact that I had overcome so much. I can handle anything thrown at me.

That said, I am one of the most humble people you will meet, though I do have fun talking shit, it is never maliciously serious.

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