Near 22 years after my TBI inducing accident, I’m seeing the universal ley lines… I’ve lived a “normal” life several times in past incarnations. This time around the mission was a test of humility and fortitude. I recently finished a decades long spiritual mission and am now able to focus on furthering this hu(e) of man life.

Twin flamed spirits, we are all such. With nearly zero awareness of the phenomeon, among the masses, I can see the struggle and confusion within this fooled race of hu(e) of mans. Many think the twin flame thing was a relationship reference. This is just another lie meant to lessen the power of Man’s royalty.

Again I’ll bring up that woman and man go together. A man was never meant to be led by the womb. The current abomination of a feminist society equates male natural leadership abilities as a dominant bane, instead lettin g the ego take hold and wanting to lead themselves. This is the 50 year culmination of the female forgoing her natural femininity for “the grass is greener” mentality in looking at the dominant man female used to venerate.

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