So… you’re waiting for the good guys to approach first?

They will not.

Let’s stop fooling ourselves, men and women, in general, hate each other. Gotta love the post feminist slop fest we find ourseleves in. Women, at least the past two or three generations, have been brainwashed by miserable whores with a microphone, just craving more, for want of better word, souls to be miserable with.

Sex is the greatest gift women have to give. In these modern days, sex is all women provide. In the quest to become men, women have destroyed their namesake, their womb. “Womb of man” “Woman”.

sigh… the oh so awesome #metoo movement ensured that the good guys will never approach women. In all honesty, it is a boon to men, how fervently women of the west grabbed onto the idea of #metoo. Men can now do what makes them happy, without worrying about impressing and keeping impressed a woman who is only looking for the next best thing. Again, women grasped onto a DS ploy to cause division, because some famous piece of trash sued a creepy predator. Equating real life to celebrity has backfired.

Women say “#metoo, stay away!”

Men say “okay, cool.”

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