You cannot have it all

Chasing tingles. That’s all the modern woman is after… I know, I know… “not all women” I’m gonna say yes. All modern women are chasing Chad/Tyrone tingles. Most of these women are just jealous from sisterhood bathroom conversations and such.

“I want those tingles! I will get those tingles and I will not settle for less!” That’s the common mantra. Young girls hear it from these thots in these random interviews and such. It only serves to perpetuates the issue… women’s narcissism and over inflated egos.

Before you come at me all like… “who hurt you?!?”, “you’re just an incel!”. Yes, I have been physically disabled since I was seventeen. Yes, I was pretty much an incel, a good looking but disabled shell of a guy, with a growing consciousness feeding off the remnants. I am Ky. No need for the bullshit shaming tactics, you have nothing to hurt me with.

Digression aside, you moms, especially you single moms, need to set a better example for your daughters. Passing on your solipsistic view of life is anything but healthy for your daughter and her hope of having a family one day. Women choose early… you choose the life of a loyal wife or you can be a clout chasing whore. Whichever you choose is up to you and that is perfectly fine.

Own your choice and realize you were lied to your whole life. You cannot, in fact, have it all.

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