White male minimalism

Most white peoples of America had zilch to do with slavery…. Many coming from slave families themselves. The ironically hilarious thing is that the Irish slaves were seen as the bottom of the barrel, scum. Whereas the negro slaves were held in high regard.

Just as 96% of males are invisible to 90% of women. Average white American males are, for want of a less ironic term, white noise. White men are trash to 21st century society, at large. The very backbone of the whole society is taken for granted by the entitled fucktards in the feminist and racial movements. The age of the stoic white workers, who are the majority and just brush the bullshit off like a duck with water, is nearing its end. Truly, this is the #GreatAwakening.

Women can thank themselves for such circumstances, #ZFG. Women keep complaining about how the top 5% of men are trash. They then associate this and, by the law of transference, place blame on every other man in the world. This is known as Alpha Widow syndrome. Women aside, they’re irrelevant to this post, minimalism is a supreme choice. No longer do we have to fulfill the expectations of personal sacrifice for ungrateful entities that just take take take and complain about not getting enough. We don’t have to kill ourselves at a job for a family that doesn’t exist. FREEDOM!!!

We can do what we want. We can start a business. We can work on our hobbies. We can travel. We can have exciting times with our friends or by ourselves. No longer are we constrained by the bullshit egoism that is fostered by pointless competition. Loyalty from others is rare. Men, be loyal to yourself, striving or even yearning for personal sacrifice is a married man’s game. As marriage is a bullshit deal for men, save yourself.

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