Paradigm apparent

Boys are being raised as defective women, girls are being raised as defective men.

Hypothetical: Woman dates/fucks the bad boys, bad boys treat them like they’re just a cock holster… to the bad boys, that is all they are… woman then dates a regular guy, projecting all the bad qualities woman received from the bad boys onto regular guy. Regular guy tries to make it work…. woman craves cock holster treatment she got from bad boys, resents regular guy for not living up to her “adonis everyman” she’s built by the plethora of men she’s been with. Regular guy adopts bad boy traits or regular guy checks out of matchmaking pool. Rinse and repet. Quite a machine… the modern dating paradigm.

Females:The selfish attitude that prioritizes women’s own pride over familial responsibilities is a result of the education system. The birth control pill only accentuates this by effecting sexual interest and choice. Clearly you like the Chad, Tyrone, or Amat archetype. You fuck around and start taking hormonal birth control. Masculinity begins to disgust you and you start liking the more effeminate beta next door, at work, in your orbit. You see masculinity as toxic, you start dating feminine dude. You begin to eat for two because your body thinks you’re pregnant due to your (hormonal) birth control. Weight gain ensues “I don’t know how I gained all this weight!”.

Take the reverse. She starts birth control earlier or some shit for hormonal PMS reasons or whatever… she takes birth control all through her teens and twenties…. Championing the feminine man, she rejects/friend zones the masculine good men. Her lizard brain never quits, coupled with toxic girl talk (nearly all girl talk is toxic). Funny thing, her lizard brain is still ticking so she still wants the masculine guy. She’ll fuck the PUA and other such guys, who use her as a fuck doll. You start lowering or even stopping the birth control. Cycle begins, you cheat on feminine dude because you crave masculinity… pregnancy results. What?!! Truth hurts.

Males:We have been failed by our elders. We were never taught to be men. We must take ownership of this failure and move forward with a masculine presence. Our elders just passively sat by and let the system rot under everything.

Females: This is just another reason to give up sluthood, it’s not cute or attractive, to the men who would provide a full life beyond carnal lusts. Yeah, you get intense attention for maybe a decade, decade and a half…is it worth it though, really?!? You waste 90%+ of your eggs, therefore your reproductive abilities, on nothing. The most attractive thing to a man, is your fertility. Most companies like to say their employees are their family… well for working women, that’s true. Women take on massive debt in order to further their career instead of learning how to build a family. Career women choose their career over their family (family is hypothetical in this sense). Ever hear the phrase “Don’t shit where you eat”? Masculine women are not wife material. Career women are/are trying to be masculine. Good men say “Fuck that, no thanks!” Ladies, suck on this dildo of consequences, revel in the love of the corporate family you’ve built.

Males: Focus on yourselves. Chase your goals, not women. Women can do what they do… if they don’t become wives, they just slut it up, single motherhood, raising more sluts and bad boys, etc. When she comes to you after riding the carousel, you are a safety net; a true simp; a fall back piggy bank. Fuck that! Holding women to higher standards is not hating women. Women are not everything in life, nothing close. Their name says it all. They are the womb of man (woman). Enrich yourself, find and focus on your passion. Guess what? You’ll be happier, by far.

Why did I not expound upon men more, you ask. Truth is, women are the deciding factor in this situation. A woman, unless raped-which we’re not going into here, is in control of the sexual marketplace… who and who doesn’t have sex. Men have adapted. We either become fuckboys or we go our own way. Fuck off.

#BoxedWine #Cats #WomenMakeAChoice #ChoicesHaveConsequences #AdjustAccordingly #NoHymenNoDiamond #FeminismIsACancerOnFemininity

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