WW1 to Trump – episode 2

TheTreaty of Versailles… reparations against Germany… wheelbarrow of Reichsmarks for loaf of bread… etc etc. Roaring twenties, suffrage for women, prohibition…. yeah. 10-24-1929: planned stock market crash, American overlords bank and laugh at the plebs, their underlings panic, some suicides, harsh times, dust bowl, stuff…

Hitler takes over Germany in 1933, begins rebuilding the military and starting a slave labor system with the help of American industrialists (Ford, Sears, Rockefeller, Bush, etc). All of this was in violation of the Versailles treaty. Upper echelon Britons and Franks cower and roll over as Hitler begins agression… Poland invaded.

Between wars was an intriguing time.

-episode 1-

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